What is the average penis size?

What is the average penis size?

What can we tell you about penis size here at Platinum Desires UK?

Well we know that size is not everything so long as you know how to use it!

However if you find that you do come up a little short then there are a few position that will help you gain a deeper penetration!

Sexy positions to make you feel bigger:

Doggy Style

Having the lady bend over whilst squeezing her legs together not only gives him a sense of control it also shortens the vaginal passage resulting in a deeper penetration!

Reverse Cowgirl

Whilst she straddles you facing your feet using a grinding motion. This position is ideal for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

As she is on top she’s able to push down on you penis resulting in a deep penetration.

The Splitting Bamboo

This position involves the lady lying on her back whilst you straddle her and sit on her thigh whilst she raises her legs and leans it on the mans shoulder.

This allows you to get right in there using the full length of your penis. The higher the leg is raised the deeper the penetration.

This also leaves her hands free to play with her clitoris for extra pleasure.

The Butterfly

Whilst the lady lays on her back on a table with her bum slightly off. You will stand in front of her whilst she raises her bum as you push yourself in.

The lady will place her legs on your shoulders and raise her pelvis allowing for easy access to the G-spot.

As you push yourself in she can close her thighs tightly which allows for deeper penetration which will make you feel bigger inside of her.

The reclining Lotus

With her laying on her back and you on top, the lady will position her legs up with feet on your hips.

This is perfect for shortening the vaginal passage allowing you to feel bigger inside of her.

This will also create friction on her clitoris allow for heightened pleasure whilst also allowing both to make out with each other

The Bandoleer

Want a great position for the G-Spot? Then this will be perfect!

With the lady lying on her back with her knees up towards her chest you will be on your knees facing her so she can place her feet on your chest.

You will lean in placing your forearms on her legs whilst she grips onto your thighs.

Want a more intense pleasure? Then the lady can pull you closer to her whilst you press down on her knees to increase the G-spot action as you thrusts.

Ahhh perfect!

The Snail

This is a position which involves the lady lying on her back, knees to chest and slung over the your shoulders.

You will be on your knees in front whilst entering her, placing your hands either side of her shoulders bearing your weight.

You both get to see each other’s faces of pure delight when you thrust yourself inside of her.

Girl on top

This method, according to many sources is the best for G-spot stimulation.

This means that no matter how small you are, you will hit the right spot every time.

Swivel and Grind

With the girl on her back with a pillow underneath her bum this will position her so that her back is arched.

You will lean into her as you’re penetrating her, placing your hands behind or either side of the girls head.

Use a grinding motion to hit all the right spots!

A little fact from us

What we can tell you from our sales is that our best sellers are usually around the 6.5inch length and 5.5 inch girth!

Have you had a similar experience with a sexual partner or do you have a smaller than average penis, why don’t you share with us your experiences and what you did/do? What position is your favourite?

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