We are a new and upcoming business comprised of a husband and wife team. I deal with all the ordering and processing, stock, returns, promotions & deals. Whilst my husband deals with social media, building the brand and all the other parts that come with the business.


-Our Business Statement-

To bring you the very best in quality Sex Toys and Lingerie at a fraction of the price of the ‘Big Boys’.
We are able to do this through smaller overheads. As we run a small business with a few people running it we are able to bring you the very best for less!


-Our Business Mission-

Here at Platinum Desires we want to make your sexual experiences even better and to help rekindle any spark that may have been lost in your relationship through the use of our wide range of sex toys and accessories.
We are able to do this through sourcing the very best, top quality items as well as offering advice and ideas through our blog to help you.


-Having Fun & Being Part of a Community-

We don’t just want you to buy a toy and have an orgasm! We want you to have the most intense and enjoyable time that you possible can!
No one is the same and everyone finds one thing more pleasurable than another so with that being said we want to help you find what vibe suits you the most by guiding you in your choice.
This is achieved through giving you as much detail as we possibly can about our wide range of items, being able to read real customer reviews so you know what you’re purchasing is amazing.
We are also actively involved in wanting to build up a community of like minded individuals that you can get involved with and talk about your favourite Sex Toy, be it a Vibrator, Butt Plug etc. and trade advice and tips with one another.


-Giving Back-

We are always looking to give back to the community, that is why we aim to give 10% of our profits to worthy causes. This means that every time you make a purchase you are giving back too!
We are always looking to make things better, that is why we appreciate all feedback that you can give us to improve our community and give a better experience to our customers.


– A Last Note-

When you make a purchase from our business you’re not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home, you’re helping buy a little girl her dance lessons, a little boy his swimming lessons, a mum to put food on her families table and a dad to pay his mortgage. We would like to thank you for your custom and faith in us. After all without you – there would be no us!

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